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8 Strategies To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution To Travel Abroad

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a_pexels-photo-25353_cropBy now, most New Year’s resolutions have lost some momentum and are getting a bit tougher to hang on to. If one of those resolutions is to travel abroad, set yourself up for success by using the following strategies to help make it happen.

  1. 1. Start bringing your travel dream to reality by deciding on a location. Maybe it’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or you got a recommendation from a friend or coworker. You could even close your eyes and play “spin-the-globe” like when you were a kid! Whatever the case, choosing a specific place is a good way to get the ball rolling.

2. Once you know where you’re going, figure out the best time to go. To help you decide, check out the festivals or activities you’re interested in as well as what the climate is like for different times of the year.

3. Set a budget and contribute to a regular savings plan. Don’t have much wiggle room? Making small changes to your spending habits can make a big difference over time. Those coffees and lunches out don’t seem like big money, but they add up quickly! So have a look at your spending habits to see where you can save money.

4. Tell your family and friends about your travel plans for support. Or better yet, go together! It’s a lot harder to back out of going to the gym when you have a workout partner. Same goes for travel! And if no one is available to go with you, consider going by yourself; solo travel can be a very rewarding experience.

5. Dedicate some time each week to researching your destination. Check out hotels, look into flights, and read reviews and travel blogs to prepare you for your trip and help keep the momentum going.

6. Create an itinerary and fill it with activities, day trips, and excursions you’d like to do when you’re there, as well as all the sights you want to see. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, but getting excited about your trip will also help motivate you to keep on track with your savings plan.

7. Obtain or update your passport, check into visa requirements, and get immunizations if necessary. Getting all these little things done and out of the way will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel like it’s really happening.

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8. Book the time off of work, put it in your calendar, and count down the days to your trip. Include milestones for when you should have things done, or a certain amount of money saved up to help you keep track of your progress, and alert you to when you’ve fallen behind. And if you do fall behind, don’t beat yourself up. Just make the necessary adjustments and move forward. Life happens!

The journey really starts way before the actual trip. By staying motivated and regularly completing small tasks towards your goal, you will easily turn your New Year’s resolution into an amazing travel experience you will never forget!

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11 Jan, 17