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About Calforex Currency Services

About Calforex Currency Services

In 1983, Calgary Foreign Exchange opened its office doors at 407 – 2nd Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta. As the foreign exchange business grew, Calgary Foreign Exchange began it expansion into the retail business countrywide.

In April 1993, Calgary Foreign Exchange started operating under the name of Currencies International in order to emphasize the national scope taken on by the growing company.

In 2000, we wanted to mark our entry into the new century of doing business with a revitalized corporate identity. Therefore, we changed our name to CALFOREX, an abbreviation of Calgary Foreign Exchange. It’s contemporary, unique, and catchy.

Today, we operate 10 retail and corporate locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Toni Treutler is the President of CALFOREX and oversees the day-to-day business of the company. Eduardo Melo, Vice President, manages all the retail and wholesale locations across Canada. Sam Ranieri, Vice President Corporate, is responsible for the management of the FX Trading Desk and Corporate Sales Department. At Calforex we take pride in providing our clients with competitive personalized foreign exchange services and quality products. Our future and success relies on integrity, honesty and a highly trained knowledgeable team working together with the community to achieve common goals.

Our company’s corporate and retail currency exchange teams are well experienced and positioned to save our clients time and money in an undertaking where time is money. Our expertise and extensive inventory provide the ability to meet our clients’ currency needs immediately.

From preferred rates on currency exchange to wire services and the most up-to-date market information, Calforex gives ‘top dollar’ service to over one million individuals, financial institutions and businesses each year. When it comes to currency exchange services, you won’t find another company who works harder for your money.

Calforex Management Team


Toni Treutler

President, CEO and Chairman

As president, Toni is responsible for the overall management of the 4 key Calforex departments: Retail, Corporate, Operations, and Audits and Compliance. Calforex was incorporated in 1983 by Toni’s father, Oswald Treutler and continues to be privately owned by the Treutler family. Toni worked alongside his father for many years taking an active role in the company management in the mid-1990’s. Toni has extensive experience in the foreign exchange industry and has also successfully owned and operated other small businesses.


Eduardo (Eddy) Melo

Vice President, Retail

Eddy is responsible for the management of our 13 retail and wholesale locations across Canada. This includes directing the company’s retail expansion, guiding the wholesale banknote business, and the development of an effective sales and service team in our retail stores.

Eddy joined Calforex in 1993 after working for Bank of America, where he managed airport locations across Canada for almost 20 years. He has completed numerous courses throughout his time with both the Bank of America and Calforex. They include courses in business administration, corporate sales strategies, and compliance training.


Sam Ranieri

Vice President, Corporate

Sam is responsible for the management of the FX Trading Desk and Corporate Sales Department. This includes managing foreign exchange settlements, providing clients with efficient and effective payment solutions, and growing the corporate sales team.

Sam joined Calforex in 2003, after working in the banking industry for 7 years. Sam holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree with a major in marketing from the University of Calgary. Sam has attended many seminars including management and sales conferences, Chamber of Commerce seminars, and Fintrac based training sessions.


Tracy McCaig

Vice President, Operations

Tracy is responsible for the management of the Operations Department. This includes the processing of payments, reconciliation of bank accounts, and financial reporting. Tracy plays a key role in developing payment and operations strategies, maintaining banking relationships, and implementing management plans.

Tracy began working for Calforex in 1993. She worked in both the Retail and Operations departments and was promoted to her current position in 1999. Tracy holds a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary. Tracy has attended various management and compliance related courses.


Nelu Sund

Audits and Compliance Officer

Nelu is responsible for the companies’ Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing regime and adherence to all federally mandated legislation and industry regulations. Nelu’s role is essential in ensuring that all internal company policies and procedures are adhered to in addition to conducting periodic branch audits.

Nelu has worked for Calforex since 1997. She has extensive experience in both the Retail and Operations departments. Nelu holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary as well as her Canadian Securities Certificate.


Anthony Dunn

Head Trader

Anthony has been with Calforex since 2005 and plays a key role in managing forward positions, option positions, spot positions and hedging on the Calforex Corporate Trading Floor. He actively manages supplier relationships and his own portfolio of clients. Anthony has a BBA in Finance from New Mexico Highlands University and has been in the industry for more than 10 years.