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A Different Kind Of Travel Checklist

posted in Calforex Blog

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You purchased your tickets, made sure your passport is up to date and packed all your everyday travel essentials. Here are a few more things that should be on your travel checklist:

Check the Travel Advice and Advisories web page

The Government of Canada provides up to date safety and security alerts for your destination as well as entry and exit requirements, and information concerning health, climate, law and culture. It also lists local phone numbers for police, fire and medical emergencies along with Canadian Embassy and Canadian Consulate contact information. You should check it before planning a trip and right before you go in case any changes have occurred. It may also affect your travel insurance.

Register with the Registration of Canadians Abroad

When you register, you provide details about yourself and your destination, along with your contact information during your trip and your emergency contacts in Canada. Should any changes be made to the Travel Advice and Advisories for the country you are travelling to, registering will allow you to receive updated information. In the event of an emergency, government officials will be able to contact you with important instructions.

Other travel preparations

The Government of Canada website also suggests that you leave a detailed travel itinerary and contact information for when you are abroad with family or friends back home. You should also scan and either email yourself a copy of your passport (and one other piece of identification such as a driver’s licence) or keep a hard copy with you separate from your passport and other identification. Make sure you have a list of emergency phone numbers, credit card numbers, backup cash and your travel insurance policy with you as well.

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14 Sep, 16