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Travel or “Stacations”

posted in Travel and Events

Canadians Choosing “Staycations” – not to their benefit says travel expert.

According to a recent survey from, Canada’s leading online travel provider*, 55 per cent of Canadians are planning to take more staycation time this year compared to last. has teamed up with Canadian travel blogger Nicole Wears from the Traveling Canucks ( who warns that while staycations may help Canadians cross items off their to do list, they fall short in other ways.

Of the Canadians planning to take staycation time this year (22 per cent), one in three (34 per cent) plan to spend this time completing chores and running errands. For those staying home but not doing housework, 31 per cent plan to see family while 14 per cent will be playing tourist in their own city. The remaining quarter will either be checking in on work (13 per cent) or attending appointments (8 per cent).

Canadians Prefer Vacations over Staycations

While many are planning to stay home this year, staycations are not the first choice of most Canadians. In fact, 43 per cent of survey respondents say they prefer travel vacations to staycations versus 15 per cent who prefer staycations over travel vacations.

The remaining 42 per cent say that a staycation is the same as a travel vacation, a common misconception according to Wears. “There are so many benefits to taking a vacation away from home and travel to a new destination. From the diversity and learning to the sense of accomplishment and joy when you return, every member of my family gains something new from a trip away from home.”

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17 Aug, 15