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the Calforex guide to Sweden

posted in Calforex Blog, Europe, Travel and Events

Sweden is a member of the European bloc and the largest country of the Scandinavian nations. Sweden has a rich cultural background, medieval architecture and truly splendid geography! Not only that, the Nordic nation is paving the way for eco-tourism and therefore making your vacation a memorable and green experience. Check out our guide to Sweden before travelling…


Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden comprising of 13 islands and is renowned for its cultural heritage. Stockholm presents a beautiful balance of trendy modern buildings and quaint royal architecture unique to the capital! Beyond the spectacular architecture and rich history, the city has become a modern-day leader in sustainability and climate action. 

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago is the largest Archipelago in Sweden and comprises over 30,000 picture-perfect islands; despite this vast number, only 1000 are actually occupied! Luckily for you, the islands are accessible via Stockholm all year round, thanks to the traditional white archipelago boats.


Gothenburg is a beautiful city located on the west coast of Sweden by the Göta älv river and was established as a fishing port in the early 17th century. Gothenburg is a popular tourist destination, famous for its cobbled streets, open green spaces and Dutch-style canals. The botanical gardens are home to over 16,000 plant species and are certainly worth a visit!


Malmö is a southern city that lies at the Swedish end of the breathtaking Öresund Bridge. Thanks to its interconnectivity, Malmö is truly a city of the future, with the cities inhabitants coming from a range of cultures and speaking over 150 languages. While in Malmö, we recommend embracing the cultural diversity by basking in art, music and theatrical plays!


Kosterhavet is Sweden’s inaugural marine national park and was founded in 2009. Located just up the coast from Gothenburg, at the Swedish-Norwegian border, Kosterhavet makes an idyllic trip away from busier city life. The park is unique; the low temperature and high salinity have resulted in a diverse range of wildlife that can only be found in the park! 


Marstrand is a small town that’s referred to as a city for historical reasons. Marstrand is a historically significant fishing port, and the local cuisine has remained in touch with its roots; if you’re a seafood lover, this is the place for you! Beyond indulging in the local cuisine, we would recommend exploring the city itself and the Carlston Fortress!


Ystad is a small, quaint city located in the south of Sweden. The town offers traditional timber houses, cobblestone streets and an abundance of shops and restaurants. Ystad is an excellent destination to relax and enjoy all Sweden has to offer! 


Gotland is a large island located in the Baltic Sea, off the east coast of mainland Sweden. The largest town, Visby, is characterized by cobblestone streets and well-preserved city walls. Beyond the borders of the capital, the beautiful island is home to stunning geography and medieval ruins. 

29 Nov, 21