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The Calforex Guide to Portugal

posted in Calforex Blog, Europe

Portugal occupies a large chunk of the Atlantic coast of the Iberian peninsula, in Western Europe. Portugal is famous for Port wine, football and big waves! Without further ado check out the Calforex guide to Portugal…


Lisbon is Portugal’s capital city and, in the eyes of many, one of the prettiest cities in Europe! Like many other famous cities in Europe, Lisbon’s characteristic architecture and cultural heritage draw tourists year after year! The city beautifully balances quaint gothic architecture with a buzzing nightlife and party atmosphere at a reasonable price! We really do believe that no trip to Portugal is complete without stopping by the capital.


Sintra is a short trip away from the Capital city and is certainly a place not to miss! The town is famous for spectacular architecture, rolling hills and of course beautiful castles, in fact, the city has been described as the “Most Beautiful in the World” by the famous poet, Lord Byron.


Porto, the second-largest city in the jurisdiction and located in the north of Portugal, is most famous for its Port wine. Moreover, the hillside town resembles Lisbon with its baroque architecture, the plentiful supply of castles and palaces, and heavy reliance on a river to support its needs!


Aveiro, also known as “the Venice of Portugal,” is located between Lisbon and Porto on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. Like Venice, Aveiro is made up of a network of waterways that tourists can use to move from one attraction to the next!


The Azores are a remote set of islands located off the coast of Portugal and Africa. Despite their modest size, they pack a punch! The islands are home to magnificent geography and nearly unmatchable animal sightseeing opportunities, including whales, dolphins, reptiles and other fish!


Algarve is home to Portugal’s most dramatic coastline and is a popular destination with beach lovers. The Algarve region caters to a broad audience of tourists, including sightseers, food lovers, and of course sun-worshippers!

19 Nov, 21