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The Calforex guide to Spain

posted in Calforex Blog, Europe, Travel and Events

Spain is known globally for its culture, history and of course beautiful weather! Despite this generalization, many Spanish cities and jurisdictions have their own beautifully defined culture and character, which can make selecting your next holiday destination tricky! Fear not, we have put together a short guide to our favourite destinations in Spain!



Barcelona is well known for its magnificent architecture and is also recognized by many as a cultural hotspot of Spain. Tourists flock to the nation’s second-largest city to admire the Sagrada Familia, relax by the beach, or watch one of the world’s most famous football teams, FC Barcelona!



Seville is the capital of Spain’s southern-most region, Andalusia and is blessed to be the home of three UNESCO world heritage sites. The enchanting city is the perfect couples getaway with picturesque cobblestone streets, magnificent plazas and, of course, The Alcazar Palace complex. 



Madrid is located in central Spain and is the capital city of the Mediterranean jurisdiction. Madrid’s reputation as a city that loves to party proceeds it, home to multiple universities and a partying culture the nightlife certainly doesn’t disappoint. Despite the partying culture, the city, like many other Spanish cities, is filled with museums, dashing architecture and great local eateries.



Grenada is a popular tourist destination located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the South of Spain. The historical significance of granda plays a large part in the cities Arabic culture and genuinely unique architecture, which plays a significant role in the cities popularity with travellers. While there, no trip would be complete without visiting The Alhambra citadel of Granada.



Mallorca is the largest constituent of the Balearic Islands, a group of beautiful Mediterranean islands located just off the western coast of Spain. Mallorca is home to world-famous nightlife and boasts a mass of cute seaside towns and picture-perfect white beaches, making Mallorca the perfect destination to wind down or party!


Historically Bilbao was an industrial town that utilized its geographical location to act as a strategic hub for exporting raw materials. Today, thanks to the adoption of art within the cities culture, resulting from the construction of the Guggenheim, Bilbao is an art lovers paradise.

San Sebastian

san sebastian

San Sebastian, like Bilbao, is a Northern city located near the Bay of Biscay. Much like the rest of northern Spain, San Sebastian offers a quieter tourist experience but with the added benefit of a more traditional & charming vacation than other party-centric areas of Spain. Moreover, the culinary delights in the northern region are truly scrumptious!



Last on our list is the southern city of Ronda! Ronda is built around a deep gorge that is spanned by an impressive 18th-century bridge. Beyond the magnificent bridge, the cliffside town offers a range of other spectacular buildings and lays claim to the inspiration behind some of Ernest Hemmingway’s work.

08 Nov, 21