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Order Cash Online FAQ

When do I pay for my reservation?

On the pick-up date, when you arrive in branch to pick up the currency.

Can I pre-pay online?

No, we do not currently allow for pre-payment of orders placed through the Online Cash Reservation system.

How do I pick up my order?

Once you have received an email from the pick-up branch that your order is ready, all you need to do is go into the branch and inform the Teller who serves you that you have a currency reservation or order. The Teller may ask for your name or order number to ensure that they are pulling the right order for you. You do not need to print off your order confirmation.

Are there any fees?

Calforex charges a flat $4.50 transaction fee for your complete total, regardless of how many currencies are being purchased at the same time. The fee will be added to your complete total when you pick the funds up in your selected pick-up branch.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and Canadian personal debit cards as payment. We do not accept third-party or business debit cards as payment.

Please note: Your bank may set a “purchase limit” on your debit card as a security measure. Please check with your bank prior to arrival in branch to ensure your limit is high enough to make your purchase.

Why don’t you guarantee the exchange rate when I place my order?

Our branches across Canada update their rates at various times throughout the day based on market factors and supplier costs. Changes to market rates occur every day and to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date exchange rate information we do not lock in rates until you are in the selected pickup branch ready to complete your purchase. The rates and totals in the order screen and confirmation emails are for informative purposes only and are not locked in or guaranteed.

Can I request the denominations I want?

You can enter any denomination requests in the comments box on the order screen. We will always try to meet your denomination requests as closely as possible based on the bills in stock at the pickup branch, but while we try to stock as much of a variety of bills as possible for all currencies, we are limited by the denominations that our supplier imports from foreign central banks.

If we are not able to meet your denomination request, the pickup branch will inform you of the denominations we currently have in stock to fulfil your order in the “order notes” section of your pick-up confirmation email.

I never received an order confirmation email, is my order ready for pick-up?

You will receive a confirmation of order successfully placed email once the request has been submitted online. After the selected pickup branch has confirmed your order is ready for pickup, you will receive a second email from the branch with your order details. Please check your junk or spam folders before contacting the pickup branch.

Orders placed after 2:00pm (local time) or on weekends or holidays will not be confirmed until the next business day.

Orders placed more than 1 week in advance of the selected pick-up date will not receive a pick-up confirmation until a minimum of 5 business days prior pick-up date.

If you have not received an order confirmation email or other communication from the pickup branch within the above timelines, please contact the selected pickup branch for further information.

Can I cancel my currency reservation request?

Yes, you may always cancel your reservation request. If you wish to cancel, please email or call your selected pick-up branch with your order number and name.

Currency reservations not picked up by the end of business day on the selected pick-up date will be cancelled automatically unless an extension has been arranged with the pick-up branch.

How far in advance can I place my currency request?

You can place an order up to 30 days in advance of your needed pick-up date.

Can I change my selected pickup date?

If you need to change your pickup date, please contact your selected pickup branch by phone or email and we will adjust your pickup date if possible.

If requesting an earlier pickup date: Changes to pickup dates may be declined based on branch stock levels. Please do not arrive at the pickup branch without confirmation that currency is available on your requested pickup date.

If pickup date change is more than 30 days from the day the order was placed: Please cancel your request and resubmit closer to your needed date.

Calforex reserves the right to refuse changes to pickup dates.

Can I get my order on the same day?

For orders placed before 2:00pm (local time) Monday through Friday: You can select the current date for pickup. If the pickup branch has the currency in stock, they will fulfil your order as soon as possible after receiving it and send you an order confirmation email. Once you have received your confirmation email, your order will be ready for pick up. Please do not arrive at the pickup branch before you receive an email stating that your reservation is ready for pick-up.

For orders placed after 2:00pm (local time), or on weekends or holidays: If the pickup branch has the currency in stock, the branch will review your order on the next business day and send you an order confirmation email. Once you have received your order confirmation email, your order will be ready for pick up. Please do not arrive at the pickup branch before you receive an email stating that your reservation is ready for pick-up.

What if you don’t have my requested currency in stock?

We attempt to keep all major or most requested currencies in stock daily. Should we be out of a currency when you place your order, the pickup branch will contact you and will be able to inform you of when we will be able to fulfil your order. Generally, we would be able to get your requested currency within 2-3 business days, depending on supplier availability.

If another branch in the same pickup city has the currency in stock, the selected pickup branch will make arrangements with your consent to change the pickup location if the currency is required before it becomes available at the original pickup branch location.

Do I need to bring my ID?

We may require government issued photo ID to meet FINTRAC requirements. Please see the following website for more information:

Transactions in Quebec have additional Client Identification requirements as per Provincial legislation. Please see here for more information:

Calforex reserves the right to request government issued photo ID for any transaction, so it is best to bring your ID regardless of amount being purchased.

Can I send someone else to pick my order up for me?

No, we will only release online currency reservations to the person who is named in the original online currency reservation.

Can I reserve cash for another person?

Online cash reservations are for personal transactions only. Further documentation is required for third-party and business transactions as per Federal legislation, and transactions will be refused at point-of-purchase if made on behalf of a third-party or business without the required documentation. Please contact your local branch directly for more information on transactions on behalf of another person or on behalf of a business.

Will you buy back my left-over currency?

Banknotes can be purchased back from you in branch at the current listed “BUY” rate in-branch when you return to a Calforex location with your currency. This rate will not be the same rate that you purchased the funds at. Transactions fees may apply. Calforex does not purchase foreign coins. Calforex cannot be held liable for currency rate fluctuations that occur between the time of original purchase and the selling back of currencies.

Calforex does not guarantee the purchase of foreign currency banknotes that are in poor condition, are/have become “outmoded” or out-of-circulation in their respective countries or are/have become subject to limitations set by Calforex’s suppliers after purchase from Calforex. Calforex cannot be held liable for currency decisions or changes made by foreign banks regarding the use or circulation of foreign bank notes after they have been purchased from Calforex.