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Jamaica is one of the most famous Caribbean islands, primarily known for its laid-back culture and the renowned reggae icon Bob Marley. The famous Jamaican lifestyle provides a perfect escape from challenging day-to-day life. Here are our top picks for activities to see you through your next Jamaican getaway!

Ricks Cafe

It is located near the western tip of Jamaica and down the coast from the small town of Negril & the famous seven-mile beach (see later). Founded in 1974 by Richard Hershman, Rick’s cafe boasts unrivalled sunset views, unmatched geological formations and crystal clear waters. The establishment has proved remarkably robust following its destruction as a result of not one but two hurricanes!

Dunn’s river falls

Dunn’s waterfalls are one of Jamaica’s most famous attractions, and we can see why! A popular tourist attraction, many find themselves scaling the 55m high climb up the waterfall with the help of a guide. Fear not; if that isn’t your speed, there are dry steps that will allow you to surmount the waterfall without getting wet!

Seven-mile beach

One of the most popular attractions in Negril is the beautiful white shores, and the most famous of all is the seven-mile beach. The turquoise waters, loungers and palm trees encapsulate the quintessential relaxing Caribbean seaside holiday. Not only that, there are regular snorkeling excursions to the nearby reef, among other watersports.

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain, a 700ft rainforest-covered hill located in Ocho Rio. the hillside is packed full of adventure and activities for all! Whether it be enjoying the breathtaking views while journeying up the hillside on a serene chairlift ride or bobsledding down again, Mystic mountain has it all!

Bamboo river rafting

Bamboo river rafting is a great activity to experience the true beauty and tranquility of the Jamaican forests. This activity is offered on various waterways and allows you to feel truly at one with nature!

Bob Marley museum

The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is an absolute must-see for all reggae fans. The museum, located in what was once his home, features fascinating memorabilia and more intimate stories of his life.

Rose hall great house tour

Rose hall is a Jamaican-Georgian plantation house that gets its name from its most infamous occupant, Annie Palmer (Rosa), whose wicked nature plagues the now beautifully restored mansion. Beyond the mysterious nature of the house, outdoors, there are splendid views, beautiful gardens and even an 18 hole golf course!

18 Oct, 21