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Future of the Vaccine Passport

posted in Corporate News

As the vaccines are rolled out globally, the question of vaccine passports is undoubtedly on the minds of most. With major jurisdictions rallying around the idea, it certainly seems that there will be some sort of verification to confirm you are either COVID-19 negative or have had a vaccine.

Canada is no different, stating that they will not fall behind if this becomes the new norm. Trudeau himself has said that proof of a COVID-19 vaccination wouldn’t necessarily be out of place for international travel, especially considering travelers already face similar requirements for other diseases when visiting some more exotic destinations. However, for this to be a suitable long-term solution, jurisdictions would need a standard set of policies leading to a seamless process from end to end.

The more significant debate concerning politicians seems to be how a COVID-19 certification might be implemented domestically. It is true that proof of vaccination could be used unfairly to exclude people from going about everyday activities and thus begs serious ethical questions. Who will decide on certificate policies? The venue owner or the government?

Another point lodged in the minds of most is what a COVID passport will physically look like. Will it be a certificate attached to your medical record available via an app/QR code or simply a physical piece of paper that you must carry with you at all times.

I suppose all of these questions will be answered in due course by the governments leading the vaccine charge, and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Canada followed in their footsteps. I’d expect the best picture of the future can be found by looking at how these countries begin to open up.

Have we missed anything? Please let us know in the comments.

26 Mar, 21