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Four great Caribbean islands to visit in 2021

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St Lucia

st lucia

St Lucia is famous for its striking spires known as the Pitons (Gros Piton and Petit Piton). St Lucia is also home to the only active volcano in the Caribbean islands, resulting in a diverse spectrum of beautiful rainforests and wildlife. The island makes the perfect destination for honeymooners seeking the ideal romantic getaway or activity goers looking to explore the picturesque rainforests or scuba dive the lush reefs. What’s more, A trip to St Lucia wouldn’t be complete without scaling the mountains for the classic Caribbean view!



Antigua is an island that forms the more significant portion of the nation Antigua and Barbuda. The island beautifully combines British history with tropical charm; travellers can choose to relax on any one of the island’s 365 white beaches, explore the colonial ruins, or dive with the fish. A trip to Antigua wouldn’t be complete without visiting Barbuda; the beautiful untouched beaches and Frigate bird sanctuary make this a must-see. Antigua truly is a one fits all Caribbean Island!



Barbados, like Antigua, has something for everyone. Whether it comes to extreme water sports, relaxing on the perfect pink beaches or exploring the rest of the beautiful island. Barbados is home to some of the Caribbean’s healthiest reefs and thus the most diverse sea life (sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, flying fish, to name a few), making this destination a nature lovers paradise.

The British Virgin Islands

British virgin islands

The British Virgin Islands are set apart from other Caribbean islands by their untouched white beaches. The island is well known to be an exclusive and high-end destination. Saying that, the resorts are supposed to compliment that feeling with seclusion and luxury built into their foundations. There are plenty of Islands that make up the British Virgin Islands, so you can easily tune your holiday based on the Island.

20 Jul, 21