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5 UK Cities to Visit in 2021

posted in Calforex Blog, Homepage, Travel and Events

5. Bristol

Bristol is famous for its beautiful harbour, magnificent architecture, contribution to the arts, and most recently, its cultural richness. The largest city in the southwest is best suited to a younger audience with abundant social activities such as gigs, bars and comedy clubs to entertain. Of course, a trip to Bristol wouldn’t be complete without drinking some locally brewed cider. There are so many bars to choose from, though my favourite is the Apple Pub floating on the water. When you aren’t embracing the local culture, great times can be had by exploring the city on foot; highlights include the harbour shipyards and the museum/art gallery.

4. York

York is the quintessential British city with historical artifacts spanning multiple historical eras, from the ancient town’s dramatic Roman wall to the famous leaning Anglo-Saxon Shambles. York is a great place to experience English history, and there are no better places than York Castle Museum, York Dungeons and the majestic York Minster. While in York, it would be criminal not to stop off for a very British afternoon tea at a traditional Tea Room like Bettys. If you stay in Yorkshire for longer than a weekend, then a trip to the Yorkshire Dales would undoubtedly be worth a few photos! 

3. Bath

Bath takes its name after its famous centrepiece, the Roman Baths. In around the 4th/5th century, the Romans constructed a temple to house the natural hot springs. If you’re lucky enough to visit Bath then no trip would be complete without visiting this historical gem, be sure to try the eggy water at the end!

Bath is a small city, and everything you could want to see is within walking distance. The Royal Crescent is the most famous architecture outside of the Roman baths, and for a good reason, these beautiful houses are owned by many A-list celebs and are truly magnificent to look at. If you’re staying longer than a weekend and enjoy a stroll, then the Skyline walk is the perfect activity, with beautiful views and fresh air, what’s not to love!

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is a particular favourite destination of the British people. Not only is Edinburgh breathtakingly beautiful, but it is full of great activities for all ages. No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without visiting the Castle, which sits on a hill overlooking the city; in the spirit of walking, we would also highly recommend summiting Authur’s Seat. 

The royal botanical gardens are a scientific hub for research into plant biology and make a relaxing afternoon out for all ages. Furthermore, if the botanical gardens are your speed, then Deans Village should almost certainly be on your to-do list; constructed in the late 19th century, this village is truly picture perfect.

1. London

Let’s face it, no trip to the UK would be complete without visiting London! London always has a vast number of activities for all interests and age ranges; if you are looking for a slower holiday, then a meander around Kew Gardens, museums, Tower of London and sightseeing in the central district will be right up your street. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to undertake social activities, you might find visiting an Icebar and enjoying the nightlife a more lovely day out. 

Finally, If you enjoy Football (Soccer), then why not watch a match? The English are notoriously passionate about their football, and what better way to embrace UK culture than at a football game!

16 Jul, 21