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Private Client Services

Retail Currency Exchange

Private Client Service

Calforex offers on-going global service payments to private clients which may include individuals, businesses and other organizations.

Private client services are convenient for clients who have reoccurring monthly payments around the world and grant access to a dedicated team of foreign exchange traders and payments specialists to make your global payments seamless and easy.

You may want to consider applying for private client services if:

  • You own property in the United States where you have to make monthly payments such as rents, condo fees, property taxes, insurance, utilities etc.
  • You have miscellaneous monthly foreign currency invoices. Maybe you purchase products regularly from the United States.
  • You are parents supporting children studying in the United States and wish to send them monthly living expense.
  • You have club, community or other fees due monthly in USD.

If you are interested and feel you may fit into any of these situations, or you would like general information, please feel free to contact a Calforex branch closest to you for more details.